29 Piece UV Sensory Kit

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Prepare to embark on an exciting journey of tactile awareness and play with our exclusive 29-Piece UV Sensory Kit. This comprehensive kit is designed to open up a world of sensory exploration and stimulation, all enhanced by the captivating visual effects of UV light.

29 Piece UV Sensory Kit Features:

  • Tactile and Visual Stimulation: The UV Sensory Kit includes a wide range of tactile and fun products that come to life under UV light. These items are carefully chosen to provide both tactile and visual stimulation, making sensory play engaging and exciting.

  • UV Light Magic: With the included UV lamp and UV torch, the kit allows you to reveal the hidden UV glow of the items. Watch as the UV glow ball, jumbo ooze tube, UV putty, and more come alive with vibrant colors under the UV light.

  • High-Quality Storage: The kit comes with a high-quality bag for easy storage, ensuring that all 29 pieces are neatly organized and ready for your sensory adventures.

Typical Contents (May Vary):

  • UV Glow Ball
  • 12 UV Scarves
  • Jumbo Ooze Tube
  • 4 UV Puffer Bracelets
  • Glow Spaghetti
  • UV Lamp
  • Bobble Tentacle Ball
  • UV Putty
  • Large Jumbo Puffer Ball
  • 4 UV Spiky Balls
  • Caterpillar Toy


The 29-Piece UV Sensory Kit is your ticket to a world of sensory exploration and fun. With a variety of tactile and visually stimulating items that react to UV light, this kit offers a truly captivating sensory experience. Whether used in sensory rooms, classrooms, or at home, it's the perfect tool to engage and excite the senses. Elevate your sensory play with this comprehensive UV Sensory Kit and discover the magic of UV light!

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