2 Metre Bubble tube passive commercial grade


Sale price£967.99


Standing at a staggering 2 Metres this is a fantastic bubble tube lamp for the price.
Whether used as a key feature in a sensory room, or as the most impressive floor lamp at home, this colourful sensory bubble tube is sure to impress.
When the bubble tube is used in a 'sensory' capacity bubble tubes are a great way to encourage visual development.
The constantly moving bubbles and colour changing effect can be both calming and stimulating and are suitable for all ages from babies to the elderly.
The bubble tube is supplied with two pumps go give you the option of having more rigorous bubbles, or use the quieter pump for a more gentle experience.

The bubble tube can be filled with normal tap water, because there is no heat generated and the water moves, and so lime scale is unlikely to cause a problem.
Use the remote control included to choose from a wide range of colours and speeds and drop in the fifteen plastic fish included to enhance the mesmerising effect.


  • Extra large sensory bubble tube
  • 2 Metres Tall
  • Colour change light and bubble effects
  • Ideal for visual stimulation in sensory rooms
  • Select brightness setting
  • Sturdy and robust stainless steel base

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