10cm Sensory Rainbow Ball

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The Sensory Rainbow Ball is a large and jolly bouncy ball filled with multi-coloured glitter strands.
When bounced or rolled from hand to hand, the Glitter strands swirl within the moving liquid to create enchanting torrents of colour.
A stunning visual treat The kind of toy that just begs to be picked up and played with! Excellent ball for ‘To and Fro’ games to promote interaction.
  • Sold each in assorted colours including: Blue, purple, pink, and gold.
  • Nope it’s not made of crystal (although that would be something special); it’s made of awesomely bouncy crystal clear rubber filled with glittery dust.
  • Bounce and spin these balls to create a flurry of bright colours that will mesmerize and fascinate with a whirlpool tornado effect.
  • Jumbo 10cm diameter

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