1 Metre Budget Fibre optic sensory light system

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Illuminate your sensory spaces with our Budget Sensory Fibre Optic Kits. Designed with a focus on providing stimulating or calming visual effects, these kits are suitable for both adults and children, especially those with anxiety or sleep disorders.
The versatility of these kits allows them to transform any sensory room, offering an engaging experience for users.

1 Metre Budget Fibre optic sensory light system Features:

  • LED Power Source: The kit comes with a state-of-the-art LED light engine. This power source can effortlessly switch between dynamic colour-changing modes or a static colour, allowing users to set the mood they desire.

  • Safe to Touch: The fibre optic strands are entirely safe for interaction. The design ensures that no electricity travels down the strands. They only transmit light, ensuring a risk-free experience even with direct contact.

  • Enhanced Sensory Play: Perfectly designed for sensory play, the fibre optic lights provide an interactive element for users. Whether it's for a calming session or an energizing activity, these lights are sure to capture attention.

  • Complete Kit: This 1 Metre Budget Fibre Optic Sensory Light System Kit includes an LED light engine and 50 fibre optic tails, each measuring 1 metre in length.


  • Sensory rooms for individuals with special needs
  • Calming spaces for individuals with anxiety or sleep disorders
  • Educational institutions for sensory play and learning
  • Home setups for creating peaceful and calming environments

Transform your sensory space with the magical touch of fibre optics. Get the perfect blend of visual stimulation and tranquillity with our Budget Fibre Optic Sensory Light System Kit!

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