Noisy Wooden Animals

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Introducing our Noisy Wooden Animals - the perfect addition to any child's toy collection! These delightful wooden farm animals are not your ordinary playmates. They are interactive and designed to make delightful noises when their noses are pressed.

With a simple push on their backs, an internal sound box activates and plays the appropriate animal noise. Watch as your little ones' faces light up with joy when they hear the realistic bleating of sheep, the familiar mooing of cows, or the adorable oinking of pigs. The fun doesn't stop there! Each push will surprise and entertain, bringing the farm to life in your child's imagination.

Not only are these Noisy Wooden Animals amazing companions for imaginative play, but they also promote sensory development and motor skills.
As your child engages with them, they learn cause and effect and develop hand-eye coordination through the interactive experience.
Plus, the sturdy and eco-friendly wooden construction ensures their durability for long-lasting playtime enjoyment.

Bring a symphony of farmyard sounds into your child's playtime with our Noisy Wooden Animals. 
  •  Makes noise when pushed
  • Beautifully detailed
  • Designs include cow, chicken and monkey and dog (One supplied at random)
  • Batteries included
  • Height: 70mm, Width: 40mm

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