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The Gelli Snow Play Educational Pack provides a unique and interactive learning experience, allowing children to explore various scientific concepts while having fun. Here's a breakdown of what the pack offers and the educational value it brings:

Gelli Snow and Dissolver:

  • 12 x 50g Snow Powder & 12 x 50g Dissolver Powder: These are the core components that allow for the creation and dissolution of the fake snow.

Instruction Leaflet:

  • 1 x Instruction Leaflet: Provides guidelines for safe and effective use, as well as tips for educational activities.

Educational Benefits:

Exploration of Texture and Temperature:

  • The Gelli Snow mimics the texture and coolness of real snow, providing a tactile sensory experience that can aid in understanding natural phenomena.

Understanding of Absorption:

  • The powder's ability to absorb water and transform into snow-like matter offers a practical way to explore the concept of absorption.

Learning about Polymers:

  • The Gelli Snow is made of polymers that expand when in contact with water. This provides a real-world example to study polymers and their properties.

Safe and Controlled Environment:

  • Being a UK manufactured product, it is safe for children to use and provides a controlled environment for scientific exploration.


  • The pack contains enough material to create up to 4 litres of fluffy snow from just one 50g bag, allowing for multiple uses or larger scale experiments.

Easy Clean-Up:

  • The dissolver powder makes it easy to revert the snow back to liquid form for simple disposal, making it practical for classroom or home use.

Seasonal and Festive Learning:

  • The snow-themed activities can also be integrated into seasonal or holiday-themed educational programs to get students in the festive spirit.

The Gelli Snow Play Educational Pack is not just a toy but a versatile educational tool, suitable for both schools and home use. It presents an engaging way to study various scientific concepts, offering both educational and entertainment value.

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