Clear Liquid Genius Thinking Putty

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Discover the mesmerizing world of tactile play with the Clear Liquid Genius Thinking Putty. Crafted to ignite your senses, this putty combines both visual allure and a captivating touch, making it a must-have for both kids and adults.


  • Crystal Clear: A true marvel in the world of putties, its impeccable clarity makes it appear almost like liquid glass, giving an illusion that the tin is empty.

  • Versatile Play: Mould it into various shapes, stretch it to your heart's content, bounce it like a ball, or simply let it flow and watch it melt right before your eyes.

  • Engaging Experience: Its smooth and pliable consistency ensures hours of engagement, offering a therapeutic, stress-relieving break from the mundane.

  • Perfectly Packaged: Housed in a durable tin, it ensures that the putty stays fresh and clear, ready to amuse you anytime, anywhere.

Whether you're seeking a delightful toy, a stress-reliever, or just a unique gift, the Clear Liquid Genius Thinking Putty promises an unparalleled experience. Dive into its enchanting world and watch as ordinary moments become extraordinary.

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