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Teach kids to count with our rainbow coloured Number Tray. Features numbers from 1 to 100 on chunky cubes and has a simple yet attractive design that engages young minds.

Ideal for both the classroom and playroom, this 100-piece maths toy is a great way to hone counting and fine motor skills. Develops kids’ dexterity, concentration and problem-solving abilities. Great for teaching number sequencing, too.

Our number tray is a fun and durable educational resource that is sure to educate for years to come. Crafted from high quality, responsibly sourced materials and supplied in a handy wooden tray

Learn and Play:
Counting becomes an exciting adventure with our Bigjigs Number Tray.
Featuring numbers from 1 to 100, this tray provides a fun and engaging way for young minds to explore and learn the world of numbers.
Its vibrant design and simple layout make counting a breeze, whether in the classroom or at playtime.

Bigjigs Number Tray Benefits:

  • Hone Fine Motor Skills:
    The Bigjigs Number Tray is more than just a counting tool; it's a way to develop fine motor skills. As kids interact with the numbers, they improve their dexterity, concentration, and problem-solving abilities.

  • Durable and Long-Lasting:
    Made from high-quality, responsibly sourced materials, this Bigjigs Number Tray is built to withstand the test of time. It conforms to current European safety standards, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning experience.

Educational Fun for Ages 3+:
Whether you're a teacher looking for a valuable classroom resource or a parent seeking an engaging educational toy for your child, the Colorful Number Tray fits the bill. It promises years of educational fun and lays the foundation for a strong numerical understanding.

Dimensions of the Bigjigs Number Tray:

  • Height: 29.2 CM
  • Width: 29.2 CM;

Why Choose the Bigjigs Number Tray:
It's not just a tray; it's a tool for learning, exploration, and growth.
With numbers from 1 to 100, a simple yet engaging design, and a focus on skill development, our Bigjigs Number Tray is a valuable addition to any learning environment.

So, let's start counting, exploring, and mastering numbers together.
Get ready for a journey that will educate and inspire young minds for years to come!

  • A fun and durable educational resource that is sure to educate for years to come.
  • Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials.
  • Conforms to current European safety standards.
  • Age 3+ years.
  • Length (CM) 2.8 Height (CM) 29.2 Width (CM) 29.2

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