Talking Tubes

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Talking tubes are a fun way way to develop children's communication skills and social skills.
A fantastic set of telephone Talking Tubes and interconnecting tubing which promotes interaction and helps develop language and social skills.
Children love these fantastic talking tubes and they remain a children's classic for use indoor or outdoor.
Talking Tubes are a strong, hollow, flexible yellow tube with handsets that plug into both ends allows children to pass a message to each other across a small distance, between different rooms, in an outdoor space or between an indoor and outdoor environment.
Your child will have so much fun talking to their friends through the Talking Tubes and learning how sound travels.

TickiT® Talking Tubes® is a patented design, made from strong durable plastic making it easy to clean.

Set includes: 2 handsets and 3 metres of tubing.
Size: Tubing L 3m. Handset L 20cm.
Age: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

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