Slinky Sand Purple 2.5kg Bag

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Experience a mesmerizing sensory journey with the Slinky Sand Purple 2.5kg Bag. This incredible product is unlike any other, offering the fascinating properties of both sand and slime. Despite its dry composition, watch in awe as it flows effortlessly like liquid slime, providing hours of tactile exploration.

Benefits & Features:

  1. Sensory Delight: Its unique texture is soft and fluffy, a delight for the fingers, making it an outstanding sensory resource.
  2. Skill Development: Slinky Sand isn’t just for fun; it aids in the enhancement of coordination and fine motor skills in children through immersive sensory play.
  3. Mess-Free Fun: Enjoy moulding, stretching, and pulling it apart without the hassle of a huge cleanup afterwards.
  4. Vibrant Color: Presented in a captivating shade of purple, this sand is sure to capture attention and elevate the play experience.
  5. Safety First: You can be at ease knowing that our Slinky Sand is 100% safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Furthermore, it meets the rigorous BS71 – 1,2, and 3 toy safety standards.
  6. Generous Quantity: Packaged in a 2.5 kg bag, there's ample sand for both individual and group play sessions.

Whether you're seeking a therapeutic playtime for kids, or simply an addictive stress-reliever for adults, the Slinky Sand Purple 2.5kg Bag is the ideal choice. Dive into a world of sensory wonder and tactile bliss today!

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