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The Wooden Magnetic Learning Numbers set is an ingenious educational tool that combines tactile, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles to help children grasp the basics of numbers and their formations.

Educational and Developmental Benefits:

  1. Number Recognition: Children can familiarize themselves with the shapes and forms of numbers from 0 to 9, which is fundamental for early math skills.

  2. Fine Motor Skills: Using the magnetic pen to guide the ball along the numbers helps in the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  3. Cognitive Skills: The act of guiding the ball requires focus and concentration, aiding in the improvement of cognitive abilities.

  4. Writing Skills: By tracing the shape of each number, children are also being introduced to the basic strokes required in writing numbers, setting a good foundation for handwriting.

Practical Features:

  1. Quality Material: The set is made from a combination of wood and plastic, ensuring durability and safety for young users.

  2. Magnetic Mechanism: The use of a magnetic wand and metal ball offers a novel, mess-free way to explore numbers.

  3. All-in-One: The set comes with a wooden storage tray, making it easy to keep all the pieces together and transport them.

  4. Clear-View Top: The plastic top is transparent, allowing children to clearly see the paths along which they need to guide the metal ball.

  5. Age Appropriate: Designed for children aged 3 to 7, this tool is perfect for both preschool and early elementary settings.

  6. Dimensions: With a height of 10 cm and a width of 15 cm, the set is a compact size that can easily fit into classroom settings or play areas at home.

Overall, the Wooden Magnetic Learning Numbers set is a comprehensive educational toy that offers a multi-faceted approach to early number learning. It combines physical interaction with educational objectives, making learning both fun and effective.

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