Jumbo Ocean Animals

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These jumbo ocean animals are not only fun for playtime, but they also have educational benefits. Your child will develop their oral language skills as they engage in imaginative play, creating stories and adventures with these larger-than-life creatures. It's a great way to encourage creativity and communication.

The Jumbo Ocean Animals set is also perfect for theme-based units and life-science lessons. Whether your child is learning about the ocean, sea creatures, or animal habitats, this set is a valuable teaching tool. It fosters a sense of curiosity and encourages children to ask questions about the natural world.

In addition, playing with these jumbo ocean animals promotes responsibility and care for the environment and household pets. By learning about different species and their habitats, your child will develop an appreciation for nature and a desire to protect it. It's a small step towards instilling a sense of environmental stewardship.

The Jumbo Ocean Animals are made from durable, wipe-clean plastic, ensuring they can withstand even the most enthusiastic play. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, making them a versatile addition to any playroom, classroom, or backyard.

Suitable for children ages three and up, these jumbo ocean animals are a must-have for any young marine enthusiast. Watch as your child's imagination comes to life and they embark on exciting adventures beneath the sea. With its educational benefits and endless play possibilities, the Jumbo Ocean Animals set is a fantastic addition to playtime. Start exploring the depths of the ocean today!

  • The Jumbo Ocean Animals set includes seven familiar Ocean Animals for children to explore with.
  • Suitable for children ages three and up.
  • Imaginative play is larger than life with our realistically detailed jumbo sets.
  • Playing with these tactile animals lets your child learn about different species!
  • Largest animal (whale) measures 30cm x 8.5cm.

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