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Introducing Gelli Play, the ultimate messy play activity for children! With just a sprinkle of this magical powder into water, you can create a sensory experience like no other.
Watch as the water magically transforms into a thick, gooey substance that kids will absolutely love to squish and play with.

The consistency of Gelli play is similar to that of jelly, but the best part is that you can control its thickness. Simply adjust the amount of Gelli play powder you use to dilute it according to your child's preference.
Whether they enjoy a runnier texture or a more solid one, Gelli play can be customized to suit their desires.

One value sachet of Gelli play contains 20g of powder, which is enough to make up to 4 litres of Gelli play. This makes it not only incredibly fun but also cost-effective, providing hours of entertainment without breaking the bank. 
Get ready for a delightfully messy playtime with Gelli Play – the gooey, fun-filled adventure that kids can't resist!

  • Colour supplied at random
  • 20g Gelli Play Sachet

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