First-play Morris Dance Set


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Encourage Movement and Creativity with the First-play Morris Dance Set!

The First-play Morris Dance Set is designed to inspire children to move, balance, and dance while working together as a team. This fun pack is perfect for promoting inclusivity and allowing kids to unleash their creativity by creating their own dance routines. Here's what this exciting set includes:

Dance Scarves: With 12 colorful dance scarves, children can add a visual and artistic element to their movements, making their dances even more captivating.

Ankle Jingle Bracelets: These ankle bracelets feature 5 bells each, adding a delightful sound dimension to the dance routines. With 12 of these ankle jingle bracelets, kids can create mesmerizing rhythms as they move.

Wrist Jingle Bracelets: Equipped with 4 bells each, the 12 wrist jingle bracelets provide another layer of musical expression. The combination of ankle and wrist jingles allows children to explore various sounds while dancing.

Storage Bag: Keep all these dance essentials organized and easily accessible with the included storage bag.

Weight: The set weighs 2kg, making it manageable for children to carry and use during their dance activities.

Morris dancing is a fantastic way for children to express themselves, develop their motor skills, and work together as a team. It combines the joy of movement with the sensory delight of music and visuals. With the First-play Morris Dance Set, you're providing a platform for kids to explore the world of dance, movement, and creativity. It's a perfect addition to school activities, dance classes, or even just spontaneous dance parties. Let the rhythm and fun begin!

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