First-play Funtime Playbox

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The First-play Funtime Playbox is an extensive collection of equipment designed to facilitate a wide array of physical and cognitive activities for children. It aims to encourage both individual and team-based play, all while fostering essential developmental skills.

First-play Funtime Playbox Features:

Multiple Activities:

  • The kit is loaded with 123 pieces of equipment, offering kids plenty of options for fun and engaging activities.

Vibrant Colours:

  • The colorful equipment is designed to attract and sustain the children's attention.


  • With such an array of items, this kit can be used for numerous games and educational activities.

Storage & Portability:

  • Comes in a durable storage box that makes it easy to carry the total weight of approximately 10kg.


  • Markers: 25 pieces for marking areas or lines.
  • Rounders Softtouch Balls: 6 pieces for games like rounders or kickball.
  • Mini Rackets: 6 pieces for badminton or mini-tennis.
  • TT Bats: 4 pieces for table tennis.
  • Bean Bags: 8 pieces for tossing and catching games.
  • Foam Balls: 6 pieces of 70mm foam balls for safe play.
  • Flat Hoops: 4 pieces of 30cm flat hoops for agility games.
  • Marking Hands and Feet: 6 each for directing movement.
  • Skipping Ropes: 6 pieces for individual or group skipping.
  • Catch Cups: 6 pieces for catching and tossing games.
  • Zoft Balls: 18 pieces for a variety of ball games.
  • Blindfolds: 6 pieces for sensory games.
  • Juggling Scarves: 6 pieces for beginner's juggling or movement activities.
  • Tele Quoits: 4 pieces for target games.
  • Rainbow Wands: 6 pieces for movement and dance activities.
  • Storage Box: 1 sturdy box to keep everything organized.

Developmental Benefits:

  • Motor Skills: Activities like catching, tossing, and juggling help enhance gross and fine motor skills.
  • Cognitive Development: Games that involve strategy or counting contribute to cognitive development.
  • Social Skills: Team games and group activities foster cooperation and social interaction.
  • Sensory Skills: Items like blindfolds and foam balls add a sensory element to play.

Whether used in a school, playground, or community center, the First-play Funtime Playbox is an invaluable resource for stimulating physical activity and interactive play among children.

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