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This realistic children's Crossing Patrol Costume, hook and loop fastened, Day-Glo coat with reflective silver tape and matching peaked cap, supplied complete with a short lollipop handheld sign.
Let them get caught up in the moment of role play thanks to the detailing such as the florescent jacket's reflective strip design on both sides gives it maximum authenticity and looks just like the real thing.

The Crossing Patrol Costume for children offers a realistic and engaging role-playing experience, allowing kids to immerse themselves in the responsibilities and activities of a crossing patrol officer. Here's a breakdown of its features:

Design and Authenticity

  • Day-Glo Coat: A high-visibility fluorescent jacket with a reflective silver tape ensures maximum authenticity.
  • Peaked Cap: A matching cap with various materials and textures adds to the ensemble.
  • Lollipop Sign: Comes with a foamex handheld "stop" sign that rounds out the costume.


  • Velcro Fastening: Easy to put on and take off, making it hassle-free for kids.
  • Versatile: The costume can be used for both boys and girls aiming to dress up as a lollipop lady or man.

Sizes and Inclusions

  • Ages: Suitable for kids aged 3-5 years with a height of 110cm.
  • What's Included: The set comprises a Velcro-fastened day-glo coat, a peaked cap, and a foamex crossing sign.
  • What's Not Included: Leggings are not part of the package.

Educational Value

  • Role Play: Encourages kids to engage in occupation-based role-playing, which is educational and fun.
  • Social Skills: Teaches children about responsibility, safety, and community roles.

Overall, the Crossing Patrol Costume is a detailed and realistic set that not only promises hours of imaginative play but also serves as an educational tool. Whether it's for a school event, fancy dress competition, or just everyday play, this costume is sure to be a hit.

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