4 Pack Geometric Perception Cushion


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Introducing our Geometric Perception Cushions Pack of 4, designed to captivate children's attention and aid in their visual development.
These bold black geometric shapes are specifically crafted to hold children's gaze, helping them enhance their vision skills.
Each Geometric Perception Cushion in this pack perfectly matches the Perception Panel, making them an excellent addition to the Curiosity Corner.
Not only are they visually stimulating, but they also provide comfort for both adults and toddlers to sit on.

The versatility of these Geometric Perception Cushions offer endless possibilities for play. Children can engage in games of peek-a-boo or utilize their creativity to stack them high and build structures. With these cushions, there's no limit to the fun and imaginative activities they can enjoy.

To assist you in discovering even more ways to engage children with these cushions, we have included a detailed activity sheet. This sheet provides you with various ideas and suggestions to make playtime even more interactive and exciting.

Moreover, these Geometric Perception Cushions are perfect for creating a focal point in your nursery or Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) setting. The contrasting black and white colors are specifically chosen to aid in baby's visual development. The high contrast allows infants to focus and track the shapes more easily, stimulating their visual senses.

Enhance your child's cognitive and visual skills while adding a touch of modern design to your space with our Geometric Perception Cushions Pack of 4. Grab a set today and embark on a journey of discovery and creativity!
  • Comfortable for both adults and toddlers to sit on.
  • Play peek-a-boo or stack them high, there are lots to do with these cushions.
  • Detailed activity sheet included.
  • Size: 250 x 250mm 12 Months Guarantee

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