24 Piece Uv sensory hamper kit

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Immerse yourself in a world of tactile awareness and sensory exploration with our exclusive UV Sensory Kit. This comprehensive 24-piece set is designed to captivate and engage its audience by offering a mesmerizing sensory experience that comes to life under UV light.

24 Piece Uv sensory hamper kit Features:

  • Tactile and Visual Stimulation: The UV Sensory Kit includes a variety of products that provide both tactile and visual stimulation. These items are carefully selected to engage the senses and enhance the sensory experience.

  • UV Light Magic: When exposed to UV light, the items in this kit come to life with vivid colors, creating a mesmerizing and visually stunning environment. UV pin art, LED foam light, UV bubbles, and more react to UV light, offering a unique and captivating sensory journey.

  • Comprehensive 24-Piece Set: This kit contains 24 sensory pieces, ensuring a diverse range of experiences. From UV stretchy bracelets to UV reactive putty and slime, each item contributes to a rich sensory exploration.

UV Sensory Kit Contents:

  • UV Pin Art
  • LED Foam Light
  • UV Bubbles
  • Liquid Timer
  • 5 UV Materials
  • 5 UV Stretchy Bracelets
  • UV Torch
  • 4 UV Puffer Toys
  • UV Reactive Putty & Slime
  • 4 UV Reactive Glitter Swirl Balls


The UV Sensory Kit is the perfect sensory journey companion, offering a wide range of tactile and visually stimulating experiences. Whether used in sensory rooms, classrooms, or at home, this kit creates a captivating environment that encourages exploration and engagement. Unlock the magic of UV light and embark on a mesmerizing sensory adventure with this comprehensive sensory kit.

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