1.8 Litre Bubble Solution

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Use the 1.8 Litre Bubble Solution to create a world of sensory wonder on a budget.
Bubble tubs are a great multi-sensory pocket money item for all ages and are so flexible in the play opportunities offered,from visual tracking skills to exercise outdoors through to respiratory skills.
The 1.8 Litre Bubble Solution comes with an easy pour lid.
Filled with safe and non toxic bubble fluid, and supplied with a wand so you can create bubbles.
Bubbles are great for: Facial and respiratory workout, Eye exercise, Tracking and focus skills Use Bubbles in games such as: Blow the biggest bubbles.
Track the bubbles and see who's goes the furthest

Chase the bubbles Catch the bubbles.

Product Information:
• Bubble Solution
• Design: Assorted
• Capacity: 1.8 litre (34oz)

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