Wooden Mirror Tray

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Welcome to the enchanting world of the TickiT® Wooden Mirror Tray, where your child can delve into the mysteries of reflection and discover the magic of small world scenes! This isn't just any tray; it’s a realm of exploration and fascination, merging play and learning in a shiny, reflective adventure!

🌈 Explorative & Educational:

This solid beechwood tray, equipped with a 2mm acrylic mirrored base, offers a robust and safe platform for children to play with intriguing objects, exploring them meticulously from every angle and learning about the intriguing effects of mirrors and reflection.

🌟 Engaging & Curiosity-Provoking:

The vivid reflections from the tray spark curiosity and maintain your child’s interest, allowing them to explore and understand the wonders of mirrors while engaging in playful learning.

🎁 What’s Inside the Set?

  • 1 Wooden Mirror Tray: Crafted with a sturdy wooden frame and an acrylic mirror base.
  • Size: The tray measures L 50cm x W 43.5cm x H 5cm, providing ample space for exploration and play.

🌿 Benefits & Uses:

  • Enhances Learning: Ideal for creating interesting learning experiences through reflection and exploration.
  • Sparks Curiosity: The bright reflection captivates children’s attention and encourages exploration.
  • Versatile Play: Suitable for creating various small world scenes and explorative play.
  • Safe & Durable: Constructed with solid beechwood and acrylic, ensuring safety and durability.

💚 Gift of Exploration & Discovery:

Suitable for all ages, the TickiT® Wooden Mirror Tray is more than just a reflective plaything; it's a portal to exploration and discovery, making it a thoughtful gift for young explorers eager to learn and play.

🍃 Embark on a Journey of Reflective Learning! 🍃

The TickiT® Wooden Mirror Tray is a gateway to a world filled with reflective wonders and learning delights. Gift this magical tray to young minds and watch as it unveils the mysteries of reflection in the most playful and educational way!

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