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Introducing our TickiT® Wooden Community Figures, a collection meticulously crafted from smooth, solid beechwood boasting a natural woodgrain finish. These figures aren’t just toys; they are tools of learning, ideal for exploring the concept of families, communities, emotions, and so much more, all while fostering language, communication skills, and imaginative play.

🌟 Educational & Versatile:

With a range of shapes and sizes, these figurines are versatile learning aids, perfect for small world play, sparking conversations about families, communities, feelings, and emotions, and enhancing language and communication skills.

🎨 Imaginative Play & Learning:

These figures invite your child to dive into the world of imaginative play, encouraging counting, sorting, and pattern-making. They are a fantastic addition to any natural wooden play sets, adding more fun and variety, allowing your child to discover and explore the world around them.

🌿 Natural & Durable:

Crafted from beautiful, smooth solid beechwood, these figures have a natural woodgrain finish, ensuring durability and a natural feel, making them a timeless addition to any play set.

🎁 Gift of Exploration & Discovery:

  • Set includes: 10 wooden figures
  • Size: Approx. H 6.5cm - 7.8cm
  • Age: Suitable from 18 months

💚 Fostering Discovery & Understanding:

The TickiT® Wooden Community Figures are more than just a set of toys; they are a medium through which children can explore, understand, and learn about the diverse world around them, fostering a sense of community and mutual respect.

🌺 Embark on a Journey of Learning & Imagination! 🌺

The TickiT® Wooden Community Figures open a world filled with imaginative play and learning, acting as a thoughtful gift for little explorers ready to learn about communities, families, and the diverse world around them. Gift this set and witness the unfolding of imagination, discovery, and understanding in every child!

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