White UV Reflective Beanbag

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The White UV Reflective Beanbag is a specialized piece of furniture designed to enhance multi-sensory learning spaces. Its unique features make it an excellent addition to sensory rooms, offering both comfort and a visual spectacle when used with UV lighting.

Key Features:

  • UV Reflective: The beanbag is crafted from a UV-reflective material that changes color under UV lighting, making it an eye-catching and fascinating element in any sensory room.

  • Therapeutic Benefits: The beanbag offers a seating solution that can aid in sensory processing disorders. The changing colors and comfortable seating can help in calming, focusing, and engaging individuals.

  • Easy to Clean: The white cover of the beanbag is designed to be easy to clean, which is especially useful in environments where hygiene is a concern.

  • Versatile Sizing: With dimensions of H30 x D75, the beanbag is suitable for a wide range of age groups, making it a versatile addition to any setting.

  • Multi-Sensory Engagement: In addition to its tactile comfort, the beanbag's unique color-changing feature under UV light provides visual stimulation, contributing to a comprehensive sensory experience.

  • Neutral Aesthetic: The white color of the beanbag also allows it to fit seamlessly into various design schemes, adding a touch of modernity and versatility to your sensory room.

Whether you're setting up a sensory space for educational, therapeutic, or recreational purposes, the White UV Reflective Beanbag offers a multifaceted sensory experience that can benefit users in a multitude of ways.

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