Water Channel Stands

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A set of three tall and sturdy Water Channelling Stands Place the Water Channelling Stands on the ground or in Active World trays.
The Water channelling stands can be used indoors or out.
This set of 3 Water Channel Stands can hold the plastic or natural bamboo water channels in a number of different configurations.
These Water Channel Stands come with plastic rings that hold each of the channels in place.
Simply click the plastic rings on to the channel holder at the desired height, then thread the channel through to watch the water, marbles or table tennis balls flow down.
Each Water Channel Stands is made in a solid steel design which makes them durable and heavy enough so that they don’t blow over in the wind.
Each is covered with powder coated paint to protect the holder from the outside elements and this also helps to blend in with the natural surroundings while providing a smooth finish.
These are great to add on more channels to existing sets creating a larger set and giving the children more possibilities.
  • Plastic and bamboo channels sold separately.
  • Size of channel holders 115(H)cm.

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