Twirling Sound Pipe

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Twirl the Sound Hose around and around to be rewarded with sounds of varying pitch.
Hold one end to your mouth and the other to your ear to hear yourself speak.
Spin the Twirling Sound pipe around to hear different and equally fun sounds whilst also providing auditory stimulation they can be used as a manipulative to help with both finger and arm strengthening.

For a truly interactive experience, hold one end of the Twirling Sound Hose to your mouth and the other to your ear. As you speak, you'll hear your voice transformed in a fascinating way, adding a touch of magic to your vocal experiments.

But that's not all – spinning the Twirling Sound Hose creates different and equally delightful sounds, making it an engaging and sensory-rich experience. It's not just about fun; this toy also provides valuable auditory stimulation and can be used as a manipulative tool to aid in finger and arm strengthening, promoting fine and gross motor skills.

Unleash the power of sound and play with our Twirling Sound Hose, where exploration and sensory stimulation combine for a truly enriching and entertaining experience.

  • A fantastic sensory resource that children will love to explore.
  • Size: 740mm long

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