Traffic Police Fancy Dress Costume

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High quality Traffic Police Dressing-up Outfit for your role play corner and amateur dramatic productions.
Set comes with High quality police jacket and police hat costume.

The Traffic Police Dressing-up Outfit offers children a compelling way to engage in imaginative play while exploring the role of a traffic cop.
Here are the key features of this high-quality Traffic Police Fancy Dress Costume set:

Design and Authenticity

  • Police Jacket: A fluorescent jacket equipped with reflective tape provides a realistic look.
  • Star-Trimmed Epaulettes: The jacket is designed with star-trimmed epaulettes for an extra touch of authenticity.
  • Police Print: The back of the jacket is printed with the word "POLICE," further enhancing its real-life look.

Matching Accessories

  • Peaked Cap: The set includes a police-style peaked cap that completes the uniform, making your child look the part.


  • Velcro Fastening: The jacket has a Velcro fastening mechanism, making it easy for children to put on and take off.

Educational and Play Value

  • Role-Playing: Perfect for role-playing scenarios, amateur dramatic productions, or classroom activities.
  • Career Exploration: Allows your child to explore the role and responsibilities of a police officer, fostering a deeper understanding of community helpers.

This Traffic Police Dressing-up Outfit from Pretend to Bee is not just a costume but also a tool for imaginative play and education. Whether your child dreams of becoming a police officer or just wants to engage in some high-stakes playtime, this outfit provides a rich, imaginative experience.

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