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Dive into a world of tactile discovery with the Touch & Feel Mystery Capsules! From the soft touch of a fuzzy bear to the textured experience of a straw hat, children are bound to be entranced by the challenge of identifying the concealed items in each of our 8 specially crafted capsules.

Key Features:

  • Varied Sensory Experiences: Every mystery capsule offers a unique touch experience, encouraging kids to explore, compare, and identify based on texture alone.

  • Double-Ended Discovery: Crafted with high-quality plastic, each capsule showcases a tactile swatch permanently encased on both ends. While one end allows kids to feel and guess, the other end twists to unveil a photo of the object, making the revelation even more rewarding.

  • Durable & Kid-Friendly: Designed with child safety in mind, our capsules are durable, ensuring long-lasting play and exploration without the worry of wear and tear.

  • Educational & Fun: Beyond the fun of guessing, the Touch & Feel Mystery Capsules stimulate sensory development, cognitive skills, and offer an exciting way to enhance vocabulary and comprehension.

Product Details:

  • Capsule Length: 9 cm
  • Set includes: 8 Mystery Capsules, each with a different touch & feel attribute.


  1. Sensory Development: Encourages children to refine their tactile senses, distinguishing between various textures and materials.

  2. Cognitive Enhancement: By making comparisons and connections between touch and visual cues, children enhance their cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities.

  3. Boosts Vocabulary: Introducing children to various textures and items expands their vocabulary and descriptive language skills.

  4. Interactive Learning: The twist-to-reveal mechanism keeps kids engaged, making learning interactive and fun.

Unlock the joy of sensory exploration with the Touch & Feel Mystery Capsules! As kids embark on this tactile journey, they not only have a blast guessing but also enhance crucial developmental skills. It's a perfect blend of fun and education, ensuring children are captivated every step of the way.

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