Taf Toys Newborn Baby Gym

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Treat your newborn baby to this extra cosy, thickly padded baby play gym! The Taf Toys Newborn Baby Gym has been specially designed to aid new-born development.
This large 90 x 90cm baby gym has a luxurious, super soft centre, providing a cosy, comfortable place for even the newest of babies.
The sides of the mat can be raised to create a snug environment, revealing high contrast illustrations in a baby-book style, designed to help baby's visual development in the early stages, along with a large baby-safe mirror.

Introduce your newborn to a world of sensory delights with the Taf Toys Newborn Baby Gym, meticulously designed to support your baby's early development.

Taf Toys Newborn Baby Gym Features:

Ample Space

  • Measuring a spacious 90 x 90 cm, the baby gym offers plenty of room for your little one to explore.

Ultra-Soft and Cosy

  • The central area is made of super-soft material, offering a comfortable and luxurious space for your newborn to relax.

Transformative Design

  • The sides can be raised to create a snugger, enclosed space. This feature reveals high-contrast baby-book style illustrations and a large baby-safe mirror designed to aid in your baby's visual development.

Multi-Sensory Toys

  • Three removable toys can be suspended from soft arches. These toys include:
    • Jittering Fish
    • Chime Bell Cat
    • Colourful Musical Ball

Musical Enjoyment

  • The musical ball activates charming melodies across various genres when tapped, from gentle jazz to classical string orchestra.

Developmental Aids

  • The soft toys provide various textures and shapes for your baby to grab and chew on, aiding in the development of sensory and motor skills.

Versatile Play Mat

  • As your baby grows, remove the arches to reveal a play mat filled with fun activities like a teether, squeaker, and crinkling components.

Parent-Baby Interaction

  • Richly coloured illustrations on the mat are designed to promote interaction between parent and baby.

On-the-Go Play

  • All three toys can be detached and are portable, allowing your baby to take their favourite toys wherever they go.

Age Suitability

  • Suitable from birth.

Whether you're at home or on the go, the Taf Toys Newborn Baby Gym offers a comprehensive developmental experience for your newborn, packed with stimulating activities and cozy comfort.

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