Tactile Sensory Box

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Our exclusive Tactile Sensory Box is the complete package to a whole new world of tactile awareness and play.
Our Tactile Sensory Box package is unique and offers superb value for money and the Tactile Sensory Box comes with a selection of tactile toys.
This Tactile Sensory Box is great for grabbing a child's attention and to encourage interaction through play.
Great kit for: Tactile Awareness Hand and eye co ordination, Motor skills, Focus and concentration skills Behaviour distraction Engage children and encourage social skills.
Typical contents include

  • Squishy Bead Caterpillar
  • Putty Tub
  • Hand Bean Bag
  • Touchable Bubbles
  • Space Blanket
  • DNA Ball
  • Fidget Bubble Spinner
  • Stretch Noodle

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