Sprat Fishing: Numbers 1-30

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The Sprat Fishing: Numbers 1-30 game is an engaging and educational activity designed to aid in children's development while offering a lot of fun.
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, this set consists of 30 brightly coloured fish, each numbered from 1 to 30, two fishing rods, and a net storage bag.
With its compact design, the game is ideal for use on table tops, as well as in sand and water trays.

One of the standout features of this Sprat Fishing: Numbers game is its educational value, especially in early maths.
As children fish for the numbered sprats, they become familiar with numbers 1 through 30, helping to reinforce counting, number recognition, and possibly even basic arithmetic skills like addition and subtraction.

Beyond its educational benefits, the Sprat Fishing game is also excellent for motor skill development. Hooking the fish requires dexterity, precision, and hand-eye coordination, skills that are crucial in many aspects of cognitive and physical development. The act of fishing is also an excellent way to improve focus and concentration, as children will need to pay close attention to successfully hook their desired fish.

The Sprat Fishing: Numbers set's components are made to last, with fish constructed from high-grade HDPE and measuring approximately 100mm in length.
The fishing rods have a substantial length of 510mm, offering a good reach for little arms.
All these can be conveniently stored in the provided net storage bag, making it easy to keep everything organized and portable.

Overall, the Sprat Fishing: Numbers 1-30 game provides a multi-faceted learning experience. It combines education and play in a way that enhances not only academic skills but also essential motor skills. It's a catch that offers both fun and learning in one package.

Sprat Fishing: Numbers 1-30

  • 30 brightly coloured, numbered fish and 2 fishing rods.
  • Complete with a net bag for storage.
  • Fish are made from durable plastic approximately 10cm long.
  • Fishing rods are 51cm long.
  • Set includes: 30x Brightly coloured sprats, numbered 1-30 2x Fishing rods Storage bag Note: Tray/Stand pictured is not included
  • Recommended for ages: 2 years +

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