Solway Mini Display & Store Unit Grey

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The Solway Mini Display & Store Unit Grey is the epitome of innovative storage solutions, perfectly designed to facilitate organized and accessible storage for early years learners. Built with robust materials, this unit promises longevity and durability, standing up to the hustle and bustle of young children's environments. The gray shade imparts a modern and neutral aesthetic, making it a harmonious addition to any room setting.

One of the standout features of this unit is its compatibility with the Gratnells Cubby Tray, a smaller alternative to standard Gratnells trays, which allows the unit to maintain a compact profile. This design choice ensures that the unit can comfortably fit in limited spaces without sacrificing its utility and storage capacity. The tray dimensions stand at H150 x W260 x D310mm, offering a spacious interior for a variety of items.

Specifically crafted to cater to younger children, the unit encourages them to reach out, access, and organize their materials independently, promoting a sense of responsibility and self-management from a tender age. Its size and height have been optimized to be within easy reach of little hands, encouraging safe and easy access.

Although the units are stand-alone, a notable advantage is the inclusion of connecting bolts in the supply package. This feature facilitates a secure joining to other units in the same range, fostering a modular and expandable storage solution that grows with your needs. Whether used singly or joined in a series, these units offer versatility in organization, creating a tailored storage solution that meets individual requirements.

Invest in the Solway Mini Display & Store Unit Grey and witness a transformative change in the organization and functionality of learning spaces, cultivating an environment that nurtures the developmental needs of young minds through the easy and organized storage of learning and play resources. Let the young ones enjoy the perfect blend of accessibility and safety as they learn to store and retrieve their belongings in a unit built just for them.

  • Units are stand alone, but supplied with connecting bolts allowing them to be securely joined to other units in the range.
  • Tray dimensions: H150 x W260 x D310mm.

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