Slinky Sand Yellow 2.5kg Bag

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Introducing the Slinky Sand Yellow 2.5kg Bag – a magical blend of the classic fun of sand and the fascinating flow of slime! Dive into a sensory experience like no other, where tactile exploration meets imaginative play.

Key Features:

  • Mesmerizing Movement: Though it's made of sand, the Slinky Sand moves, flows, and slithers just like slime, captivating all who play with it.

  • Touch and Feel: Experience a unique, fluffy, and light texture that's super soft to touch. Mold it, stretch it, or pull it apart; the sand adapts to your play style.

  • Minimal Mess: Crafted for maximum fun and minimum fuss, Slinky Sand ensures you get all the sensory benefits without the usual messy aftermath.

  • Vibrant Yellow: Dive into a bright world of yellow, sparking creativity and brightening up any play session.


  1. Motor Skill Development: Aiding in the growth of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, it's perfect for tactile learning and sensory exploration.

  2. Educational & Fun: An excellent tool for understanding texture, consistency, and movement.

  3. Stress Reliever: Its soothing texture provides a calming effect, making it a great stress-reliever for both children and adults.

Safety First:

  • 100% Safe & Non-toxic: Ensuring peace of mind for parents, the Slinky Sand is completely safe for children to play with.

  • Eco-friendly: Designed with the environment in mind, our sand is sustainable and kind to the planet.

  • Certified Safety: Conforms to BS71 – 1,2, and 3, aligning with top-notch toy safety standards.

The Slinky Sand Yellow 2.5kg Bag promises a delightful and educational sensory experience for kids and adults alike. Dive into a world where the charm of sand meets the thrill of slime. Whether it's for sensory play, educational exploration, or simple relaxation, Slinky Sand is the perfect choice!

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