Sensory Visual Kit

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With our Sensory Visual Kit, children will embark on a captivating journey of visual exploration and learning. This kit is carefully designed to provide a delightful selection of high-quality visual resources that aid in development and learning.

By stimulating their visual senses, children will be able to fully immerse themselves in the enchanting world of color. The kit includes a wide range of captivating visuals, carefully curated to captivate young minds and inspire their imagination.

From vibrant images and illustrations to mesmerizing patterns and shapes, our Sensory Visual Kit offers an unparalleled experience for children to discover and appreciate the beauty of the visual world around them. As they engage with the kit, they will learn to distinguish between colors, perceive different shapes, and develop a deeper understanding of their surroundings.

Perfect for early learners, the Sensory Visual Kit provides a multi-sensory approach to learning, making it not only educational but also enjoyable. Whether used in classrooms, homes, or therapy centers, this kit serves as a valuable resource for teachers, parents, and therapists looking to enhance children's visual development and cognitive skills.

The Sensory Visual Kit is created with meticulous attention to detail and a focus on high quality. Each visual resource is thoughtfully crafted to provide vivid, eye-catching stimuli that will captivate children's attention and spark their curiosity. The kit also includes a guidebook, providing suggestions and activities to optimize the learning experience.

Invest in our Sensory Visual Kit and unlock the endless possibilities of visual exploration for children. Empower them to embrace the vibrant world of color, enhance their visual acuity, and foster a lifelong appreciation for the captivating marvels of the visual realm.

Sensory Visual Kit Typical Contents

  • Translucent Colour Paddle Set
  • Glitter Wand
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Penguin Liquid Timer
  • Sensory Reflective Colour Burst Buttons Set

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