Sensory Snap Beads

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Sensory Snap Beads come within a handy storage tub and there are 14 sensory snap beads provided.
Sensory Snap Beads have such simplicity which encourages repetitive play that babies and children love while stimulating visual development and eye-hand coordination.
Hand your child a bead and immediately it becomes their favorite teether – the ends of the sensory snap beads are perfect for sore gums.

Builds Gross- and Fine-Motor Skills
Dump the beads on the floor and watch him work on eye-hand coordination by putting the Sensory Snap Beads back in their bucket.
Encourage Creative Play
Finally, the chunky, brightly coloured Sensory Snap Beads promote eye-hand coordination and fine-motor skills when your baby grasps them and pushes the beads together.
From forming a snake to crafting a crown,as they grow, your child will invent new ways to incorporate the sensory snap beads into his play.


  • Multi-coloured, Multi-textured, Soft plastic snap beads
  • Comes in a reusable plastic jar with a handle

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