Sensory Reflective Gold Balls

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The Sensory Reflective Gold Balls are robustly constructed from hard wearing stainless steel, these beautiful smooth, hand finished, gold tactile balls provide a stretched version of reality that is distorted like a fish-eye lens giving children a fascinating view of themselves and the world.
The Sensory Reflective Gold Balls come as a delightful set of 4 pieces.
The Sensory Reflective Gold Balls are lightweight and easy to handle for the youngest children, they can be used indoors or out and provide a focal point for displays.
The stainless steel construction makes them robust and highly durable with a premium feel, whilst still being lightweight for your child to easily carry and hold them. They are chemical free with no toxins and are ultra hygienic with their non-porous and naturally bacteria resistant qualities.

Your child will enjoy making funny faces as they watch their stretched reflection in the surface and will find the way light reflects at different angles from the curved surfaces curious and interesting. A great way to inspire creative learning through play and encourage imagination and language skills.

Set includes: 4 stainless steel balls.
Size: 6cm, 8cm, 10cm and 15cm diameters.
Age: Suitable for all ages.

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