Sand and Water Play Funnel

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Unlock the endless possibilities of sand and water play with our exciting Sand & Water Play Funnel. Crafted from durable plastic, this funnel is designed specifically for young children, ensuring hours of entertainment and learning.

The large handle provides an easy grip for little hands, allowing children to engage in pouring and sifting activities with ease.
Whether at the beach, in the backyard, or even indoors, the Sand & Water Play Funnel is a versatile tool that can be enjoyed in various settings.

This essential toy supports multiple areas of learning, making it an educational investment for both parents and educators. Firstly, it stimulates sensory development as children explore different textures and sensations while manipulating sand and water through the funnel. This hands-on experience helps refine their tactile perception and encourages a deeper understanding of the world around them.

To further enhance their learning journey, the Sand & Water Play Funnel also aids in developing fine motor skills. By gripping the handle and skillfully controlling the flow of sand or water, children refine their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
This activity molds their manual skills, enabling them to tackle more complex tasks as they grow.

Furthermore, this versatile funnel fosters creativity and imagination. With its unique design, children can experiment with various patterns and designs in the sand or water, boosting their creative thinking and letting their imaginations soar. This free play also enhances their ability to communicate and express their ideas.

Sand and Water Play Funnel

  • Understanding the World - exploration
  • Physical Development - motor skills
  • Specification Size: 105 x 65mm, 140mm long.

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