Samba pack for 20 players

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Each instrument in this Samba pack is made from high quality materials to ensure durability and a long-lasting sound. And, with all of the mallets, beaters, and sticks included, you can start playing right away without any extra purchases.

The Samba music resource pack is perfect for groups of up to 20 players, so it's great for school bands, community groups, or anyone looking for a fun and engaging musical experience. Whether you're performing at a parade, festival, or other event, our pack will help you make the most of your performance with the lively rhythms and upbeat tempo of Samba music.

This Samba pack for 20 players includes:

2 x 10’’ Repenique, depth of 12’’
2 x 14" Surdo, depth of 18''
2 x 18" Surdo, depth of 20''
2 x 12" snare drum with vest harness, depth of 5''
3 x 8" tuneable tamborim
5 x double metal agogos
2 x metal shakers
1 x set of 8 Wak-a-Tubes
1 x samba whistle

All mallets, beaters and sticks included.

  • Good quality, durable kit
  • Great mix of drums and hand percussion
  • Ideal samba band pack
  • Sticks and mallets included
  • Suitable for up to 20 players

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