Reward Medal Pack of 6

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Introducing our Winner Medals! These shiny achievement medals are the perfect way to honor and celebrate accomplishments. Whether you're hosting an award event, rewarding great behavior, or recognizing extraordinary achievements, these medals are a must-have.

With three assorted cord colors to choose from, these medals are sure to catch the eye and bring a sense of pride to the recipients. Each medal is 35mm in diameter, making it the ideal size to wear proudly around the neck. Made from plastic, these gold medals are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Designed for ages 3 and up, these medals are suitable for a wide range of recipients, from young children to adults. They are particularly perfect for sports days, presentations, and award ceremonies, where winners can proudly showcase their accomplishments and feel like gold medalists.

Order our Winner Medals today and inspire a sense of achievement in those who deserve it most. Whether it's encouraging sportsmanship in children or recognizing outstanding performance in adults, these medals are sure to make the winners feel truly special. 
  • 3 assorted cord colours
  • Be a gold medallist at last!
  • Medal size 35mm diameter
  • Plastic gold medals on coloured neck cords
  • Age 3+
  • Perfect for sports days, presentations and award ceremonies

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