Push Snapper Solid Colour

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Introducing the Push Snapper Solid Colour, a sensory delight for children who find solace and stimulation in tactile experiences.
This isn't just any fidget toy; with every squeeze, children are treated to a gratifying snap sound that not only keeps their hands busy but also offers auditory feedback.

By simply pressing the sides of the Push Snapper together, the internal suction cups connect. And when released? They part ways, producing that delightful snap.

With the right rhythm, children can achieve dozens of these satisfying snaps in mere seconds, offering a unique blend of tactile engagement and auditory pleasure.

Especially beneficial for children with sensory needs, the Push Snapper provides a therapeutic way to self-regulate, maintain focus, and manage sensory input. Its vibrant, bold colours, chosen at random from a range of bright shades, further enhance the sensory experience, captivating the eyes as the fingers play.

With a comfortable 6cm size, it's easy for children to hold, squeeze, and snap, making it an ideal companion for both on-the-go and at-home sensory play.

Dive into a world of tactile and auditory stimulation with the Push Snapper Solid Colour, where every snap is a step towards sensory satisfaction.

  • Fidget toy that makes a snap sound
  • Push and release to make it snap
  • Features a pair of suction cups
  • Dozens of snaps in a few seconds Satisfying tactile and audible sensations
  • Vibrant rainbow design
  • 6cm

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