Polished Stones Tiger Eye 1kg

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These Polished Stones Tiger Eye are a unique and captivating addition to your sensory resources.
Allow children to run their fingers over each smooth surface or roll them around in the light to appreciate the unique print.
Each of these Polished Stones Tiger Eye can be used for exploration play or paired with adhesives to create art pieces such as natural mosaics.
The Polished Stones Tiger Eye each have an organic striped colour which, in itself draws you in, and come in a large pack for busy environments.
The Polished Stones Tiger Eye are polished and smoothed to reduce the risk of injury and can be wiped clean when needed.
The Polished Stones Tiger Eye are perfect for schools, nurseries and even residential environments.

  • Large and economical pack size
  • Suitable for sensory or arts and crafts sessions
  • Can be handled by people of all ages
  • Suitable for ages 3 years+
  • Pack size: 1kg

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