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Get ready to embark on an exciting safari adventure with the all-new Sunset Savanna Safari Pop-Up Tent! This amazing play tent is designed to ignite the imagination of children and provide them with hours of fun and adventure.

This futuristic tent features a stunning "Sunset Savanna Safari" theme that is sure to capture the hearts of kids everywhere. But what makes this tent truly special is its ability to change themes easily, allowing children to experience different adventures over and over again. 

PODSpop is easy to set up and take down, in under 90 seconds, making it perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. Whether you're enjoying a cosy night reading at home inside your POD or simply enjoying a backyard adventure, this tent will provide hours of entertainment for children of all ages.

But that's not all - the sensory tent also comes with built-in sensory lighting that provides an immersive and realistic safari experience. The lighting adds a whole new dimension to the space, making it feel like you're really in the heart of the savanna.

To further enhance the adventure experience, our customers have access to our mobile app, PODS Play. Our app provides children with a wide range of audiobooks, e-books and sound effects that are sure to transport them to a different world. With the app, children can listen to stories of Professor PODS among the lions and elephants, listen to the sounds of the savanna and even learn about different animals and their habitats.

This tent is perfect for kids who love to explore, create and imagine. It's an excellent way to encourage children to get outside and enjoy nature from the safety of the home. It's also a great way to bring the family together for some quality time and fun. So, pack your bags and get ready for an adventure like no other with the Sunset Savanna Safari Pop-Up Tent!

  • Pop-up, Plug-in, Play in under 90 seconds 
  • Size: 120cm (l) x 110cm (w) x 140cm (h)
  • Weight 3.5kg
  • Suitable to fit 1-3 children
  • Interchangeable graphics option (check out our other themes here)
  • Includes removable memory foam mat and portable Bluetooth speaker
  • Remote-controlled sensory lighting
  • Access to the PODSplay app to access the themed digital content
  • Packs away in 90 seconds into a handy PODS bag
  • Portable - take PODS with you in your safari truck across the fields and plains
  • British designed and assembled
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty

The coolest and most portable sensory play space in the universe. 

Perfect for homes, schools and nurseries. The wildest imaginative play space known to man.

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