Play Mat in a Box

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This portable carry box has an ingenious design that opens up and converts to a floor mat with wipe-clean/water resistant material suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
The Play Mat in a Box contains a colourful collection of 16 cushions, each with unique shapes.
The Cube Unzips to create a beautiful checker-board play mat, and can be reformed for an easy storage option.

Make playtime versatile and hassle-free with the innovative Play Mat in a Box! This cleverly designed portable carry box transforms into a functional and visually stimulating play area for children.

Play Mat in a Box Features:

Convertible Design

  • The box unzips and unfolds into a checkerboard play mat, offering a convenient and creative play surface. When playtime is over, it can be easily folded back into a compact storage box.

Wipe-Clean Fabric

  • The mat is made from wipe-clean and water-resistant fabric, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. A quick wipe is all you need to keep the area clean and ready for the next play session.

Assorted Cushions

  • The box contains 16 uniquely shaped cushions in vivid colors, allowing for a multitude of activities ranging from pattern recognition to imaginative play. Additionally, the box includes extra floor cushions in varying shapes and sizes.

Versatile Use

  • Given its easy-to-clean fabric and durable design, this play mat is perfect for settings such as preschools or primary schools, as well as home use. It's a versatile solution for play and learning environments.

Luxurious Seating

  • The soft and cozy cushions serve as a comfortable seating area for children. The vibrant colors and shapes make the setting more engaging and visually pleasing.


  • Designed to be easily carried, the box serves as a convenient means of transporting the play mat and cushions. The compact storage option is a real space-saver and perfect for on-the-go parents and educators.

The Play Mat in a Box offers everything you need to create an inviting, educational, and easy-to-clean play area. It's a perfect addition to any playroom, classroom, or outdoor space.

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