Neon Slime XL

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The extra-large version of the Neon Slime is a sensory delight packed with vibrant, neon-like colors that make for a visually exciting experience.
It's not just about the look; the unique tactile sensation it offers adds another layer of engagement, perfect for both kids and adults who enjoy sensory play.

Neon Slime XL Features:

  • Vibrant Neon-Like Colours: Available in six assorted colors including pink, black, purple, yellow, orange, and green, the Neon Slime is sure to catch the eye and brighten up playtime.

  • Unique Tactile Experience: The slime's gungy, ooze-like texture provides a unique sensory experience, stimulating the sense of touch in a fun and engaging way.

  • Convenient Storage: Packaged in a large 9cm tall barrel, the Neon Slime can be easily stored to retain its freshness when not in use. Simply pop the lid back on to keep the slime from drying out.

  • Multi-Purpose Fun: Apart from being a fun toy, the slime could be used as a stress-relief tool or even an aid in sensory therapy.

  • Reusable: The barrel serves as both packaging and a storage solution, ensuring that the slime can be used multiple times without losing its texture or vibrancy.

  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Always ensure to check the packaging for safety guidelines to ensure it's appropriate for the age group that will be using it.

Whether it's for a birthday party, as a stress-reliever in an office, or for sensory play, this extra-large barrel of Neon Slime is sure to be a hit. Its bright colors and unique tactile features make it a versatile product that appeals to a wide range of ages and interests.

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