Needoh Sensory Ball Set

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Discover the World of Needoh Balls - Perfect for Fidgeting, Stress Relief, and More!

Introducing Needoh Balls, your new favorite sensory toys made from stretchy, dough-like, non-toxic material. These unique and captivating balls are here to enhance your focus and help alleviate stress, making them a fantastic choice for individuals, including SEND children.

Needoh Sensory Ball Set Features:

  • Non-Toxic Material: Needoh Balls are crafted from a stretchy, dough-like material that's not only captivating but also entirely safe to play with.

  • Fidgeting and Stress Relief: Needoh Balls are perfect for fidgeting, aiding concentration, and providing a much-needed stress-relief outlet. They are a valuable tool for anyone looking to keep their hands and mind engaged.

  • Suitable for SEND Children: Needoh Balls are thoughtfully designed to be suitable for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. They offer a unique and enjoyable sensory experience.

Included Varieties:

  • Nice Cube: A cube-shaped sensation that you won't be able to put down.

  • Colour Change: Watch as this ball changes color, adding an extra element of surprise and delight.

  • Shaggy: Feel the satisfying texture of this shaggy ball as you squeeze and mold it.

  • Snowball Crunch: Embrace the sensation of crunching snow with this delightful Needoh Ball.

  • Happy Snappy: Squeeze, snap, and release for endless tactile enjoyment.

  • Squeezy Peezy: A squishy sensation that's perfect for relieving stress and anxiety.

Needoh Balls are more than just toys; they are tools for relaxation and focus. Whether you're looking to keep your hands busy during a meeting, alleviate stress, or provide a calming experience for SEND children, these balls are the perfect solution.

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