Musical Instrument Star Set

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Introducing the vibrant and all-encompassing Musical Instrument Star Set! Handpicked for the budding musician in every child, this set serves as a delightful gateway to the world of music in the early years. With an array of 11 diverse instruments, children are invited to explore, create, and embark on their own musical adventures.

Key Features:

  • Variety Galore: This set features 11 instruments, each producing distinct sounds. From the rhythmic beats of the drum and tambourines to the lively shake of maracas and the crisp snap of castanets, the assortment promises hours of musical exploration.

  • Skill Development: While kids enjoy their musical escapades, they unknowingly enhance their fine and gross motor skills. Holding, shaking, and playing instruments demands coordination and control, thereby fostering physical development.

  • Boosts Cognitive Abilities: As children decide which instrument to pick or how to produce a certain sound, they exercise decision-making skills, enhancing cognitive functions.

  • Enriched Listening Skills: Identifying varied sounds and rhythms sharpens auditory skills, promoting attentive listening.

  • Builds Confidence: Mastering an instrument, even at a basic level, instils a sense of achievement and boosts self-confidence.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Junior Drum: Perfect to introduce rhythm and beats.

  • 2 Tambourines: Jingle away with these hand-held delights.

  • 2 Castanets: Produce snappy and engaging sounds.

  • 2 Trumpets: Introduce wind instruments and produce melodious tunes.

  • 4 Large Maracas: Shake up a storm with these vibrant shakers.

  • Pack Size: Contains a total of 11 instruments.


  1. Social Interaction: Encourages group play, fostering teamwork and social skills.

  2. Creative Expression: Allows children to express themselves musically, nurturing creativity.

  3. Sensory Stimulation: Different sounds and instrument textures provide a multisensory experience.

Gift your child the joy of music with the Musical Instrument Star Set! Designed with early learners in mind, this set is not just a collection of toys, but a stepping stone to a lifelong love for music. Whether used in a classroom, at a playdate, or during solo play, this set ensures an enriching and tuneful experience.

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