Musical Bells Set Of 20

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Extremely popular with primary schools and music services, the 20 pieces Wrist Bells are perfect for percussion groups and classrooms.
The vibrant colours and bright sounds are ideal for children, with them also including a handy container which will make for easy transportation and storage within the classroom.
The wrist bells can be also used when placed around the ankle or wrist.
Children can enjoy rhythmically stomping and creating sound.
This encourages coordination throughout the body and also listening.
Children can count to keep the beat! The children can keep in time by clapping.
With the wrist bells attached they can hear if they are in time.
Alternatively children can take alternate turns to make their bells tinkle.
Played in a group, wrist bells can be part of a sound if the music is played to a story.
The sound of rain and or Santa coming to town.
Associating a sound to a movement allows listening and coordination skills.
  • There are many benefits for children to use wrist bells.
  • They can keep the hands free while keeping the music flowing.
  • Colours will vary
  • Supplied in assorted colours and packaged in a plastic jar with a handle.
  • Jar of 20.

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