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Introducing our Music Therapy Sight Kit, carefully designed to engage the visual senses and enhance the therapeutic benefits of music.
This unique Music Therapy Sight Kit features a variety of percussion instruments, each offering captivating visual elements that delight and inspire.

Included in this Music Therapy Sight Kit, you'll find one wave drum, perfect for creating mesmerizing visual effects as colorful beads cascade and sparkle inside the clear acrylic shell. The hypnotic wave motion creates soothing sounds that relax the mind and body.

The rainstick, with its transparent tube filled with tiny beads, offers a delightful visual representation of falling rain. Watch in awe as the beads cascade through the tube, creating a stunning visual display that complements the soothing sounds of this instrument.

Our sparkle maracas bring a touch of shimmer to any music session.
The clear outer casing reveals sparkling sequins inside the maracas, which catch the light and create a dazzling visual experience as the maracas are shaken in rhythm.

For an extra dose of excitement, the tambourine steals the show., this tambourine adds a dynamic visual element to any music therapy session.

This kit is not only perfect for individual music therapy, but also ideal for music groups, fostering interaction and collaboration. Each instrument has been thoughtfully selected to engage the eyes, making it suitable for individuals with visual impairments while also providing enjoyment for people of all abilities.

Whether you're conducting therapy sessions, leading music groups, or simply exploring the beauty of music and sight, our Music Therapy Sight Kit is a must-have. Elevate your music therapy sessions with these visually stimulating percussion instruments and embark on a sensory journey like no other.

  • 1x wave drum
  • 1x rainstick
  • 1x pair of blue sparkle maracas
  • 1x flashing tambourine
  • A range of percussive instruments for music therapy
  • Ideal for music groups
  • Instruments selected to engage the eyes

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