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A play store, a kiosk and snack stand, a market stand, a kitchen or a cafe? This large modern market stall with removable cover is a real multitalent that can change its function in an instant.
The flexible modules open countless playtime possibilities and can be positioned anywhere to fit any space and play idea.
The included accessories and scanning area including a display and a checkout counter belt, two sales baskets with price signs, a special offers chalkboard, a tap, a coffee machine, a sink/cash, a grilling area/hot plate/checkout counter belt and an oven/fridge will fulfil all wishes! Awning cover may vary.
This play store offers lots of space for several children at once!

By imitating everyday situations, playful learning stands at the forefront here as the roles of salesperson and customer or the act of cooking trains good social interactions.

After playtime, the individual elements can be pushed together to save space.
It's a real role-playing classic in a modern, simple and Nordic design! This is a real must-have in a trendy design which is a great addition for your role-playing assortment.
The play sets from the "fresh" groceries series are ideal additions to this play store which offers plenty of space to store all the various accessory items.

  • Dimensions: approx.
  • 106 x 40 x 106 cm, working height approx.
  • 60 cm

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