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There's a lot going on in the country! With a large bead maze in the shape of a chicken, a shape-fitting game, a sliding labyrinth, a colour sorting game, a hammer marble run, and a horn, this motor activity cube is a multi-talent on five actively playable spaces.
The lovingly designed scene with farm animals inspires interaction and storytelling.
When the lid that's secured with a latch is turned around and stored inside the cube, the cube becomes a children's stool! Who eats what? With the shape-fitting game, children have to sort the depicted animals by their proper food, and with the bead maze, they learn how the bee, the rabbit, and the chicks move while pushing the beads along.

This is how the motor activity cube trains not only recognition of colours and shapes, but also simultaneously imparts basic knowledge about animals on the farm.
It's a unique motor activity toy with high playtime value as the new favourite in the nursery!

  • The knocking marble run provides an extra helping of fun, and the marble lands in the chicken's nest! For multifunctional learning fun with a shape-fitting game, a colour sorting game that trains recognition of colours, and a sliding labyrinth
  • The lid secured with a latch can be stored inside the cube when turned upside down, allowing the cube to also be used as a child's stool
  • Beads in the form of eggs can be led to the hen's nest with the knocking bead mazes on one of the sides
  • A squeaking horn offers acoustic stimulation and trains auditory skills This motor skills trainer imparts basic knowledge about farm animals and encourages the interactive telling of stories
  • Dimensions: approx. 42 x 37 x 62 cm, playing height 35 cm

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