Monster Feet

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Get ready to stomp and roar with our pack of two Monster Feet! These roarsome stilts are designed to raise the wearer by 12cm, making them feel like a mighty giant as they march around.
Our Monster Feet are not only fun, but they also help children develop coordination and balance. With their unique and colorful design, these stilts are a great way to engage kids in physical activity while having a blast.

Made from durable green plastic, these monster feet-shaped stilts are built to withstand hours of play. They are lightweight and easy to use, making them perfect for children of all ages.

Whether your little one wants to play pretend as a giant monster or simply enjoy the challenge of walking on stilts, our Monster Feet are the perfect choice.
So go ahead, let your child unleash their inner monster and have a stomping good time!

  • Monster feet shaped stilts
  • Green plastic construction
  • Rope handles 12cm tall

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