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The TickiT® Mirror Letters set offers a multifaceted approach to teaching alphabet and letter recognition, making it a valuable resource for both parents and educators. The set employs visually stimulating, safe acrylic mirror letters to engage children and elevate their learning experience.

TickiT® Mirror Letters Features:

🔠 Double-Sided Letters: Each letter is laser-cut and double-sided, allowing for versatile use and engagement from multiple angles.

🪞 Reflective Acrylic: Made from high-quality, safe acrylic, these mirror letters are designed to capture and maintain a child's attention.

🔤 Clear Font: The letters are created in a child-friendly font, which aids in easier recognition and learning.

👆 Tactile Experience: The smooth surface of each letter encourages children to trace the shape, which not only helps in letter recognition but also fine motor skill development.

🔗 Hanging Option: Each letter comes with a hole at the top, providing the option to create hanging displays or mobiles for additional interactive learning.

Educational Benefits:

🔡 Alphabet Recognition: These mirror letters are great for teaching kids their ABCs, helping them recognize and differentiate between different letters.

👀 Visual Learning: The reflective surface of the letters makes for an engaging visual experience, further enhancing memory and recognition skills.

🤲 Motor Skills: Tracing the letters helps in fine motor skill development, which is crucial at a young age.

🗨️ Language Development: The letters can be used to spell out simple words, aiding in vocabulary building and language skills.

Size & Age Specifications:

  • Small Letters: Height of 7cm.
  • Large Letters: Height of 17cm.
  • Uppercase: Height of 7cm.
  • Age Suitability: The set is not suitable for children under 3 years old due to small parts and choking hazard.

TickiT® Mirror Letters Set Includes:

  • 26 acrylic mirror letters, covering the entire alphabet.

TickiT® Mirror Letters not only help children learn the alphabet, but they also offer a sensory and tactile experience, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable.

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